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Basmi FIP™ capsules vs Mutian™ pills

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Cat owners often ask what is the difference between BasmiFIP™ and Mutian™ oral pills? Which one is better for their cat’s FIP treatment? In this article we will compare the differences between the two brands from the perspectives of ease of use, the likelihood of creating or preventing user errors, and conclude by explaining the different approaches these brands took to create their FIP oral medications. We will let you, the cat owners, decide which one is better suited for your cat’s FIP treatment needs.

Ease of use

From the consideration of ease of use, BasmiFIP™ capsules are a clear winner when compared to Mutian pills. Here is why: When using BasmiFIP™ capsules, cat owners only have to choose capsules that correspond to their cat’s weight class. There are only 3 weight classes to choose from, and they are colour differentiated to avoid potential confusion. There is no need to perform calculations. One capsule per day. Simple.

Mutian pills are sold in 50, 100 or 200 mg pills. Cat owners have to calculate dosage according to their cat’s weight and FIP symptoms. Larger cats may require several pills per day in order to obtain a sufficient dosage.

BasmiFIP™ capsules offer one additional advantage...namely, less struggle when administering the capsules. Cats have an amazing ability to regurgitate food they don’t like. This is an ability they developed to survive in the wild, where food sources may harm them. Capsules, due to their smooth exterior, are much harder to regurgitate than pills. BasmiFIP™ capsules can also be opened, whereby the content can be mixed with cat food or cat treats, allowing a pleasant treatment experience. If you have cats that have a strong instinct to regurgitate, BasmiFIP™ capsules are a better choice than Mutian™ pills.

Possibility for Errors

GS-441524 works by stopping FIP virus from replications. It belongs to a family of drugs called nucleoside analogues. With extensive global use, treating cats with FIP symptoms, GS-441524 has demonstrated no documented side effects. Therefore, there is little danger offering more GS-441524 than a cat requires as per their weight and symptoms. There are, however, clear disadvantages to cats that do not obtain sufficient amounts of GS-441524 during their FIP treatments. Disadvantages include prolonged treatment period and significant higher probability of relapse after ending their FIP treatment.

When using injections, the dosages are precise and easily controlled. GS-441524 goes directly into the body and immediately begins stopping FIPV replications. In contrast, GS-441524 in oral forms has to travel through the cat's entire digestive system, which during an FIP infection is often inflamed or infected. Laboratory tests have shown that in healthy cats the natural absorption rate of GS-441524, when taken orally is ~50%. In FIP cats, the absorption rate is lower and almost impossible to know with certainty without extensive testing, and often depends on the severity of FIP symptoms. When administering FIP oral medications, cat owners and doctors need to provide a higher dosage than injections to counterbalance the absorption issue.

When comparing BasmiFIP™ oral capsules to Mutian™ pills, we find that BasmiFIP™ has already taken the absorption issue into consideration by providing a higher amount of GS to offset the absorption issue. In contrast, when using Mutian capsules, cat owners must remember to calculate the absorption issue themselves, thus creating more opportunities for errors to occur, i.e. providing less GS-441524 orally than what their cats require.

Therefore, from treatment efficacy standpoint, BasmiFIP™ oral capsules represents a better choice when compared to Mutian™ pills

Different Approaches

In summary, BasmiFIP™ and Mutian™ applied different approaches when creating oral medicines for FIP treatment. Mutian’s approach was to replicate FIP injections in an oral form, with each pill offering either 50, 100 or 200 milligrams of GS-441524. The responsibility of calculating and administering the correct dosage befalls upon cat owners and veterinarians. Users have to calculate the daily dosage, account for absorption issues, and use multiple pills when dosage is more than what each pill contains. BasmiFIP™ took a novel approach by redesigning their capsules based on 3 weight classes, offering users a simple one capsule per day solution that avoids calculation, wastage and greatly reduces chances of error.

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