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How to Cure FIP in Cats: Effective FIP Treatment with GS-441524

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a deadly disease in cats caused by the Feline Coronavirus (FCoV). The disease is often considered incurable, but there is now an effective treatment for FIP in cats using an antiviral drug called GS-441524.

GS-441524 is an antiviral drug developed by Dr. Niels Pedersen in research to cure FIP in cats. It has gone through clinical trials and proven to be very effective in curing cats affected by FIP, with an efficacy rate up to 87%.

Here are the steps you can take to cure FIP in cats using GS-441524:

Consult a Veterinarian

If your cat is exhibiting FIP symptoms, please consult a veterinarian immediately and perform a series of examinations to confirm the cat's condition before treatment. The veterinarian will examine your cat and help you determine the proper dose for FIP treatment in cats.

Place an Order for GS-441524 on the Basmi FIP Website

After consulting a veterinarian and conducting laboratory tests, start FIP treatment immediately. You can consult with the Basmi FIP team regarding treatment and important things to do during FIP treatment.

GS-441524 can be given through injection or oral capsules. The veterinarian will adjust the injection dose or capsule according to the cat's weight and condition, such as the type of FIP the cat is experiencing. It is essential to follow the veterinarian's instructions carefully and not to change the dosage or administration schedule without approval.

Care and Attention

Providing good care and attention to your cat during the healing period is crucial. Make sure your cat eats a healthy and nutritious diet, gets enough rest, and is protected from stress and a poor environment. Avoid some foods or supplements that contain Lysine and Immune Boosters. Also, check your cat regularly and follow the control visit schedule suggested by the veterinarian.

Monitor Your Cat's Progress

Monitor your cat's progress during the treatment period closely. Perform blood tests on your cat on days 30, 60, and 84 of FIP Treatment to monitor the cat's progress.

If you want to know more about FIP Virus and its treatment, contact Basmi FIP on WhatsApp or visit our Social Media for guidance. With GS-441524, your cat can recover from FIP and live a healthy life.

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