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Where to Buy FIP Treatment?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

With the publication of groundbreaking clinical study by Dr. Niel Pedersen and the team of researchers at the University of California Davis, a global awareness is growing amongst cat owners and medical practitioners of the anti-viral drug GS441524 and its effectiveness in treating cats with FIP.

As of this writing <06.2021>, only pharmaceutical companies in China are producing GS441524 for feline infectious peritonitis treatment. However, thanks to the internet, you don't have to go to China to obtain this medicine. If you are in India, here are some options you can consider:

Basmi FIP™ India - Pioneered online order of GS441524. Fast and efficient, with knowledgeable & helpful customer service.

FIP Warriors - Founded in the USA, with affiliated chapter in India.

Mutian - One of the first brands to appear in countries outside of China. Sold through reseller networks in India.

Today, with a quick Facebook or Google search, you may find yourself joining a self-help group in your area, communicating in your own language to get help treating your cat's FIP infection. That's the good news! FIP treatment is at the forefront of 21st century democratisation of medicine. However, there are risks associated with this new approach. It shifts the responsibility and search for knowledge from doctors to you, the cat owners. You may encounter multiple people offering GS-441524 to you. So how do you choose the right brand or reseller to purchase from?

Here are 3 things you should know

Choose reputation, not price.

Doctors don't buy the cheapest medicine, neither should you. Few months ago the news broke across self-help groups across the world that many cats died while undergoing GS-441524 treatment while using 2 particular brands of GS. These 2 brands also happened to be the cheapest on the market at that time.

Given the proven effectiveness of GS-441524, this was highly unusual. People quickly began doubting the quality these 2 brands. After investigating and testing, reports began surfacing that these brands overstated their GS concentration. The claimed concentration of 15mg/ml was in actuality only between 7-8mg/ml according to some posts. We did not test these brands ourselves, and are only quoting posts we have read from self-help groups.

Furthermore, their formulations were not stable, with observable changes in pH and viscosity from one production batch to the next. Making quality medicine requires knowledgeable chemists, precise equipments, and high quality chemicals, and consistent protocols. None of which can be had cheaply. So how can the final product be cheap? DON'T choose cheap GS if you don't want to gamble with your cat's life.

Buy directly from the brand's website or its authorised reseller whenever possible.

Don't know if the person you are buying from is an authorised resellers? Email the brand and verify. If you can't find the brand online, then it is best to avoid it altogether. Because GS is an expensive treatment, there is incentive for a few unscrupulous resellers to dilute with water, or switch from one brand to another during delivery. It doesn't happen often. But it has happened in the past.

Talk to sellers who are knowledgeable about FIP

You are not buying just a product, you are buying knowledge. Does the person you deal with give you that confidence feeling? Does he/she make the effort to understand your cat's situation and answer all your questions in a transparent manner? Does he/she understand all the potential complications and pitfalls during the treatment? Most importantly, does what he/she says make sense?

If you get the feeling that the seller is trying to take your money as fast as he/she can, not trying to help you, then our suggestion is to move on and find someone else. While supplying GS is a business, the seller who does it should also care about the the people and cats they serve. If a seller seems to only care about money, then there is a good chance that he/she will do unscrupulous things for money.

Most of what we wrote above are common sense. Under the duress of an FIP diagnose making decisions can feel overwhelming. When in doubt, contact us. We are happy to point you in the right direction for information.

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